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Outdoor sex

Summer is approaching and many people are drawn to the outdoors. Some like a picnic or long walks, for others outdoor sex is at the top of the list. Outdoor sex and also lesbians outdoor sex provides variety and brings neat pepper in the relationship. An outdoor sex meeting is a spicy affair that can be very enjoyable. A horny gangbang orgy is just as possible as a tender love game in the waves of the sea. With all the pleasures, however, there are some rules that need to be followed when it comes to public sex. We want to inform you about that in this article.

Sex outdoors - A tingling open air feeling!

Sex in the open air does not please everyone. From their own POV, some are afraid of getting caught, while others don't know how to convince their partner.

This is sad, because nature offers many places for spontaneous outdoor sex. Experiencing sex outside in nature with all senses is not only exciting, it brings a breath of fresh air into the relationship and becomes an unforgettable highlight. There are several reasons that speak for outdoor sex:

  • You avoid boredom in your sex life, get out of your own four walls and provide variety with outdoor sex.
  • During sex in the meadow or in a public park you hear birdsong and no squeaky bed!
  • The sun on your naked skin provides an additional feeling of well-being.
  • Should the outdoor sex be a little more violent and you leave a little mess, nothing has to be taken care of. Or if you have a fetish for pissing, then you are also better off when chosing an outdoor location.
  • The risk of getting caught provides a thrill and gives an extra kick for an even more intense orgasm.
  • With outdoor sex, every outing becomes a tingling and unforgettable highlight. It is just way better than masturbation or watching porn videos alone at home.
  • When you experience outdoor sex for the first time, you'll feel like a young teen again, seeking the thrill of the forbidden and throwing yourself into the adventure with elan.

Three popular places for mind-blowing outdoor sex

For many couples, the idea of having sex outside is an appealing one. Most think of sex in an outdoor pool or sex in an elevator. In practice, it's not always easy to find a suitable place for outdoor sex and make the lovemaking happen.

Some may have already been inspired by porn. But if you are still missing ideas for your horny outdoor fuck, then we will show you in the following points the best places for outdoor sex and gladly give you suggestions what is possible under the open sky.

Sex on the balcony

You don't have to go to the forest or wait for the next trip, stay within your own four walls and try sex on the balcony. To try outdoor sex, the balcony can be the best place for beginners who don't really dare to go outdoors yet. If you're still inhibited, watch porn movies as well to get ideas and inspiration (i.e. type in “outdoor sex videos” or “outdoor sex porn” and you will get there...).

On the balcony, you are equally surrounded by fresh air and experience the thrill of not getting caught by the neighbor. Therefore, be careful not to be too loud, so as not to be exposed to prying eyes. This could otherwise become embarrassing. Therefore, the missionary position, 69 or spooning is best. Line the floor with an air mattress or lawn chair cushions to be more comfortable. On the other hand, the balcony railing is super suitable for her to hold on to while you take her doggystyle. Of course, you can also indulge him with a lusty blowjob on the balcony while the wind blows your brunette hair. What could make him hornier than the view your kinky cumshot face?

Maybe you are also very open and usually go to swingers clubs? Then how about a gangbang or a threesome on the balcony. If you live out there to several so right, you can easily clean up afterwards. Don't underestimate how delightful a rough sex orgy in the open air can be.

Sex on the beach

It seems to be the classic - sex on the beach, the sound of the sea in the background, feeling the warm sand on your body and just letting yourself go. That sounds like a scene from horny HD porn? Then try it yourself on a public beach. But you can also have unforgettable sex in the water, be it in the sea or in the lake. Heat each other up by stroking, caressing, fingering and touching each other in intimate places. Then she puts her legs around his hips and he penetrates her with pleasure. Whether having sex on the beach or in the water, there are a few things to keep in mind here as well.

On the beach, you should have your outdoor public sex on a blanket or lounger, otherwise the sand will get into the love gear. With oral sex, however, you don't have to worry about that quite so much. A dirty fast outdoor blowjob can not hurt either. During the day you should definitely think about sunscreen, because the sex should be hot, but you do not want to burn. In high waves you should pay attention to your stability, so that you do not drift away. Clear water in the lake can attract curious glances, so please be careful, especially if there are children around.

There are a few things you can do in the water and on the beach. If you don't want to get inspiration from porn videos, let's get your mind going with some ideas.

You are already a bit more battle-hardened and dare to do more? Then how about outdoor group sex, or intense outdoor anal sex?

No matter if you have small tits or big tits. If you loll seductively in the landscape, he will not be able to resist the desire to jerk off on her tits.

Be creative and think of various sex games. You have never fucked her really hardcore? Then the tingling and the sound of the sea maybe gives just the right something so that you can absolutely let go and either give her a warm creampie or shoot your cum directly on her slutty face.

Maybe you're all alone on the road and still looking for an outdoor adventure? Surely there are many mature women and milfs at the beach or lake who would like to dare an adventure with you. Or you meet a naughty, black-haired, southern brat on vacation who shares the same fantasies and can't wait to fuck you outdoors.

Sex in the locker room

Things often turn out differently than you think. If you suddenly get horny during extensive shopping, you can try sex in the changing room. Pick out hot lingerie that she wants to try on and disappear unnoticed into the dressing room with your partner. Lots of bare skin while trying on lingerie provides attraction and increases the desire for each other.

When the desire is no longer bearable, the intimate cloth feeling is inevitable. Due to the narrowness of a locker room, sex in standing position, from the front or from behind is recommended. Take out your big cock and take her doggystyle! This is way better than car sex, because in the car it is much more diffcult to really enjoy her big ass.

The locker room is also great for outdoor lesbian sex. Here, not much space is needed when one gets on her knees to lick the other's pussy. Or even if you're out with your boyfriend and want to orally pleasure his big dick.

If you don't have a partner, then make an appointment with fuck acquaintances or hobby whores via Whatsapp for an exciting sex date. It does not have to be the same as with a porn star, just the kick of the new situation will certainly give you unforgettable hours with an amateur in this area.

Three useful tips for outdoor sex

In order to enjoy sex outdoors so properly, you should pay attention to a few things. So that outdoor sex does not become an outdoor fiasco, we now have a few tips for your unforgettable pleasure.

Brevity is the spice of life

Good sex does not have to last long, a spontaneous quickie is advisable during outdoor sex. Unlike lovemaking in the bedroom, outdoor sex can quickly become uncomfortable. However, the adrenaline rush usually makes you climax faster.

Otherwise, you might watch a porno movie with your partner beforehand. Then you are already times so right in the mood and she can hardly wait until you make her pussy happy to squirt and big boobs to wiggle.

Good planning

Outdoor sex is often spontaneous, if you want to enjoy it more relaxed, a good planning is recommended. Check out the location beforehand to see if you're really alone with your teen girl. Let your imagination run wild and think about where you want to nibble your partner.

Otherwise, browse through various porn categories to get inspiration for your outdoor sex. Once you know what you want and how you want it, you can check the location.

If you are well prepared, nothing will stand in the way of your perfect outdoor fuck.

Have a blanket ready

Risk a look at the surroundings before you tear the clothes off your body and throw yourselves on the ground full of passion. Nettles, anthills, ticks & Co. can quickly put a spanner in the works of the love game. Therefore, it is appropriate to have a blanket with you to ensure a safe and "crawl-free" surface. A blanket is also helpful on the beach, because you don't want to feel sand in all your orifices afterwards.

As you can see, there are a lot of things to consider. You can also get ideas for the preparations from porn movies. Here there are also heaps of German films and there you can see what or how the people do it in it.

What are the legal regulations?

When you have outdoor sex, you should not get caught. Of course, the criminal offense "sex in public" is regulated by law in Germany. If you are caught having sex outdoors and you are not lucky enough to be a voyeur who also enjoys the spectacle, you can expect to be charged with causing a public nuisance. Especially places where you could meet children should be avoided. A conviction in Germany can result in fines of up to €1000 or a prison sentence of up to 12 months.

However, it is nowhere near as harsh as in some other countries. In Italy, you could face up to two years in prison, and in Romania, seven years. So if you want to do outdoor sex on vacation, you should inform yourself about the laws that apply there. In the Scandinavian countries of Finland and Norway, on the other hand, you only get off lightly with a warning.

Conclusion - Tingling outdoor sex provides variety

As described in the article, hot outdoor sex can provide a kick in your love life. The danger of getting caught provides additional adrenaline and even hornier orgasms. However, you should familiarize yourself with some rules and tips to enjoy the horny pleasure even more intensively.

If you are missing a suitable partner for outdoor sex, take a look at the GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR, here you will find many girls who share your preference of risky outdoor sex.

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