Welcome to our FAQ page for the GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR! Here you will find answers to frequently asked questions. Our goal is to provide you with the information you're looking for quickly and easily, which is why the answers are often put into videos. Dive in and explore the variety of questions and answers.


How does the GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR work?

GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR brings sex workers and clients together in the easiest way. On our platform you can find over 100'000 profiles of sex clubs and escorts worldwide. The goal of GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR is to bring more transparency to the market of sex services. Therefore, the best brothels and escorts around the globe can be found on GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR.

Clubs and girls create their own profile with us to have more visibility online, or to be found more easily by users. The use of GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR is free of charge for customers. Optionally, additional services, so-called "G-Coins", can be purchased. The G-Coins can then be used as credits on our platform to give your profile more visibility on any search result list.

Who can create a profile on the GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR?

Profiles can be created by sex clubs, contact bars, brothels, whores, hookers, TS ladies or escorts. All persons or clubs that offer sex services are welcome here.

Why is a profile on the GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR worthwhile?

You run a running house or a brothel? Or are you an escort lady, a tranny or a bizarre lady? Then you are exactly right with us!

A profile on GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR will give you significantly more visibility online. Thanks to a free profile on our platform, you will be found by your potential customers exactly where they are looking for your services.

Your profile on GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR is free, quickly created and very easy to use. Not yet registered? Click here to register!

Why do I need to register?

To be able to advertise on GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR you have to register with your phone number or e-mail address. This allows us to identify you each time you log in and thus avoid unauthorized access to profiles.

Create and manage profile

How do I create my free profile?

Your profile on GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR is created in just three minutes and is 100% free. In this video you will find step by step instructions on how to benefit immediately from your free profile.

How do I log in?

The login to our platform is ideally done via your cell phone number. Each time you log in, you will receive an automatic SMS from us with a unique login code. This variant of the login is extremely safe from abuse. Alternatively, we also offer to send the one-time code to your e-mail address.

In this video we will explain you step by step how to log in.

How can I switch my profile in one place / in several places?

Ideally, you cover the catchment area of your clientele with your profile. That is, your profile should appear in all those search result lists in which your customers search. In the following video we show you how you can place your profile in several places.

How do I upload images?

The users expect current pictures of you or your club. This is simply part of the game today. Make sure that your pictures are always up to date. This attracts users. The more good and authentic pictures you have, the better. Watch the video for step-by-step instructions on how to upload images.

Upload images - everything you need to know.

Of course, there are a few guidelines that you have to consider for the image upload. For example, no sexual intercourse may take place on the picture. Furthermore, the picture must not be too big. The picture rules are linked here.

What are the rules for image upload?

Strict picture rules apply. The image rules are linked here.

How do I report an image with inappropriate content?

As soon as you look at a club or a girl and you notice an inappropriate picture, you can scroll down to the bottom of the respective ad and report it to us there. let us know.

How do I add another ad to my profile?

For example, if you are an escort agency that manages the profiles for several girls yourself, it is worth adding several ads to your profile. A profile can contain several advertisements, which can be controlled centrally by you.

How do I pause my profile?

You can pause your profile at any time, e.g. if you are not available for a few weeks/months. To pause your profile, scroll to the bottom of the profile management and click on "Pause profile". In the video you can see a detailed illustration of how to pause your profile.

How can I delete my ad/profile?

After you have logged in, you can pause your ad yourself at any time. To do so, scroll down to the bottom of your profile and click on "Pause profile". As soon as your ad is paused, it will no longer be displayed in the search. To delete your ad completely you have to contact us.

How often is my profile clicked?

Detailed statistics on profile performance (e.g. how often a profile was searched / clicked / rated / etc.) are currently being developed. A corresponding dashboard will soon be available to our customers in the login area.

What are "requests from girls/clubs" and why do I need them?

For a Girl: Any Girl can send a Club a request to be listed on the Club profile. Girls can also be listed in more than one Club at the same time. Each request must first be confirmed by the Club. After confirmation of the request by the club, the girl's profile is visible on the club profile and thus receives even more visibility.

For clubs: Each club can send a request to individual girls so that the girl is listed on the club profile. Each club can display up to 100 girls on their profile. Users can see at a glance which girl is working in a club. Requests from clubs to girls must always be confirmed by the girl first, so that the girl appears on the club profile.

How do I add a mobile number or email address to my profile?

You can add a new email address or mobile number to your profile at any time. Newly added email addresses or phone numbers must be verified. We will send you a verification code to the designated mobile number or email address. In the following video you will find a step by step guide.

How can I as a Girl/Club accept or decline a request from a Girl/Club?

Requests can be accepted or rejected with a single click in the profile management. See also the video below.


What are G-Coins?

G-Coins are the currency on GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR. You can buy G-Coins in your profile and use them to improve your position on the search results list. It is proven that the most clicked profiles are the ones that are listed high on the search results list (this is true for any type of platform). Thanks to your optimized list position, you will benefit from a significantly improved visibility on GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR.

What can I use G-Coins for?

Your profile will be displayed for free in the first locality where you advertise. You can use G-Coins to make your profile visible in other cities or to get a better listing in the search ad.

How do I top up my account with G-Coins?

You can top up your account with G-Coins very conveniently, e.g. via your credit card. We will show you more information in the following video:

Win customers

How can I be found even better on GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR?

The better your list position on the search results list, the better and faster interested parties will find you. For a better list position you need G-Coins. In addition, you can advertise in neighboring towns, so that more people can find you in the vicinity. The advertisement in the first village is free of charge. For the advertisement in each further locality you need G-Coins.

How can I improve the quality of my profile / advertisement?

Try to make your profile as detailed as possible, as this is very well received by interested parties. Also, try to keep your profile up to date. If you have loaded G-Coins in your profile, which also help you to get a better reach, then our service includes the help with the constant updating of your ad.


Where do I see my reviews from my customers?

All reviews received for your club or for you are visible in the login area. Ideally, you take the time to answer all incoming reviews. This creates trust and gives you better credibility and closeness to your customers. In the video below, we explain exactly how to do this.

How can I delete a rating?

Unfortunately, individual ratings cannot be deleted. But even not so good reviews can be helpful to make your ad look appealing and authentic. Don't be put off and instead ask satisfied customers to leave a good review or respond to the review in a friendly and constructive way.

What are the rating guidelines on the GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR?

We review the incoming reviews. Of course, we do NOT tolerate racist, personally abusive, insulting, vulgar, etc. reviews. ratings. If you notice an inappropriate review, please contact us.

Can I disable the rating function?

No. A general deactivation of the rating function is not possible. Ratings are very important to make your ad look appealing and authentic. Don't be upset if there is a not so good review and instead ask satisfied customers to leave a good review, or respond to the respective review in a friendly and constructive way.


How can I pay? What are the available payment options?

- Credit card (Visa, Mastercard)

- Google Pay

- Immediate payment

- Direct bank transfer

- Giropay


- Przelewy24

- Postfinance


How can I contact the support from GENTLEMEN'S NAVIGATOR?

You can see how to contact our support in the video below.

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