Erotic massage - What you should pay attention to

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Pic Erotic massage - What you should pay attention to

Erotic massage

An erotic massage, or Tantra massage, is soothing, it releases tension, relaxes and brings both partners closer, which are good conditions for a sensual pleasure.

With such foreplay you heat up your partner properly. The lustful, pleasurable touches and the stimulation of the erogenous zones, which makes you want to have horny sex after the massage. All this and much more can be included in an erotic massage.

How exactly it works and which techniques really lead to success, we will tell you in the following article. Spoiler alert: You don’t need a real massage therapist for that.

What is an erotic massage?

An erotic massage does not exclusively mean massaging and stimulating the genitals, it is more about the erotic aspect that is triggered by a combination of sensations.

The skin is our largest erogenous zone, touches, caresses and massages are perceived very sensual and eroticizing, even if the sexual organs are not touched.

Likewise, many aromas are used to emphasize the sensual effect. Massage oil with lavender is considered very relaxing, while jasmine or ylang-ylang are said to have an aphrodisiac effect.

Similarly, people like to use so-called massage candles, which are first lit like a normal candle. When the wax, which in this case is a massage oil, melts, it is sensually drizzled over the partner's body and used for a horny massage. There will be no burns, of course, but a pleasantly warm, sensual experience.

Should you want some variety in bed, such an experience is interesting and the sex after the massage is much more intense. It is almost certain, that an erotic massage will boost your sex life.

For whom is an erotic massage interesting?

Especially couples can benefit from an erotic massage, besides stimulation it can also be suitable when sex suffers or comes too short due to lack of relaxation. Likewise, a sex massage comes into question if you want to try something new such as anal sex. The gentle stroking, rubbing and kneading can lovingly prepare the body and release cramps caused by nervousness. It pretty much has a similar effect asl oral sex would have.

However, a massage treatment that creates an erotic mood is not just for couples; massaging hands can often work wonders for an affair, friendship plus or one-night stand.

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How to prepare for an erotic massage?

To really enjoy the erotic massage, you need to think about some basic things like the atmosphere and the lubricant. Our tips will help you with that:

The right atmosphere

The best massage, which is supposed to be sexy, is of no use if the ambience is not right. In order for you and your sweetheart to really let go, the atmosphere just has to fit.

It should be quiet in the room (some relaxing music can be charming) and the room temperature should be comfortable. Light a few candles and a warm light will create a sensual mood.

It is important to have a proper pad, such as a large towel or a waterproof sheet. In addition, taking a bath together before the erotic massage treatment can be very relaxing for the whole body.

The right lubricant

With the choice of massage oil, the erotic massage can stand or fall. Pay attention here absolutely to quality, cheap products usually smell artificial and penetrating. Whether or not you choose essential oils, coconut oil or any regular lotion is totally up to you. It is best to let your partner choose the oil.

A massage candle, which is available with different fragrances and whose warm oil puts you in absolute eroticizing feel-good moments, has the same erotic effect - and eventually leads to better sex. Because let’s not beat around the bush: That is of course the goal after an intense massage experience.

Mood setter

What would a sex massage be without a few mood setters! There is the option of a so-called massage stone, which makes massaging - especially on the back - easier for you. However, since we are writing about erotic massages here, a powerful wall vibrator is a better alternative, as it can provide wonderful orgasms and increase the sex during the massage session even more.

A little more pizzazz can be given by a blindfold. With your eyes closed, you will have to get even more involved with your feelings, which will automatically give the whole thing a higher level of pleasure. This will be a complete new experience for you compared to your regular massage therapy with some boring and ugly physiotherapist that (normally) does not spread any sexual energy or agitate your sensitive areas.

Performing erotic massage - These are our tips

Performing a hot, erotic massage treatment is self-evidently the be-all and end-all and it starts with the those four important things - kindling, probing, turning on and stimulating!

  • Warming up: Rub the massage oil into your hands first, so that it warms up a little and doesn't scare your lover right away. Heat has a relaxing effect, but what is guaranteed not to relax are cold hands with cold massage oil.
  • Touch: The intensity of pressure should vary depending on the part of the body. If your partner moans and screams, it should be from pleasure, not pain, so go with her, ask what pressure is comfortable for her. You can also vary the pressure on different parts of the body, but always pay attention to whether your partner finds this pleasurable or not.
  • Turn on: Start at the typical tense parts of the body, such as the neck and shoulders, work your way down the back and if she thinks it's about to get more intimate, skip the butt and continue with the legs and feet. You can also tease your partner specifically by pretending that it's about to get intimate and then going to another part of her body after all. This will certainly not diminish her pleasure. The important thing is that you take your time and massage your partner gently and not frantically.
  • Stimulate: You should never lose contact with your beloved's body, it is the basis of every massage treatment and triggers pleasant shivers. Keep at least one hand on your partner's skin at all times. If the massage oil is too far away and you have to stand up for a moment, use your voice to stay in contact with your partner. Tell her that you will be right back with her, that she should close her eyes and relax completely.

Erotic massage for men and women - the instructions

An erotic massage should make both partners happy in the same way. Massage your partner's head, feet, thighs and buttocks and see which type of massage provides relaxation and especially arousal, and then make your way to the intimate area, such as the vulva.

Erotic massage for men

Maybe before you've even inspected his genital area, you're already all over each other and having sex before the massage gets really intimate. If not, then you should now take care of his penis. That will certainly increase his well-being right away.

Spread the oil on his best part, massage it slowly, for this you can take the second hand to help. Give him an intense handjob, enclose the penis with your hands and let them slide up and down. Gently massage the transition between the glans and the penis shaft with your thumb and his testicles with the other hand. The parallel finger play will drive him crazy. Watch his reactions whether to increase the pressure or not. Furthermore you can make it a whole bodywork using your whole body as a massage tool (e.g. rub his dick between your juicy melons).

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Erotic massage for women

If you want to slowly bring the erotic massage with her to a happy ending, a loving breast massage and a gentle and pleasurable massaging of the vagina is appropriate. For this, work the pelvic floor and the inner genitals. Gently penetrate the vagina, feeling your way in circular motions, watching closely for her reactions.

Massage especially the upper area, as if you want to make a light "come here" movement with your fingers, so you stimulate the G-spot - probably the most sensitive erogenous zone. Drive your partner crazy with circular and lightly drumming movements on the labia, thighs and clitoris.

Ideas and suggestions for a sensual massage

You can't wait to be pampered by your partner during a tantric massage or to give your loved one undreamed-of pleasure with a yoni massage or aromatherapy? We have a few ideas and suggestions for you to heat up your love life with a partner massage. Below are our best tips:

  • Before you go into more intimate realms, explore the rest of your partner's entire body. A tender massage by candlelight and with light pressure, can loosen tensions and your partner can let himself fall better.
  • Watch videos on various massage techniques and become a professional masseur for your partner. There are certain zones on the body through which stress can be dissipated even better and full relaxation is guaranteed. Get tips from videos about foot massage, full body massage or even about massages of the palms. Especially on the soles of the feet and palms of the hands, a massage can have a very stress-reducing effect.
  • Feel your way slowly to the sexual organs, instead of immediately starting with the intimate massage. If you start immediately with the intimate area, this can catch your partner off guard and make them tense, which is exactly the opposite of what we want to achieve. So first massage the inner thighs with very gentle pressure and give your partner a few tender strokes before getting down to business.
  • As already mentioned, there is nothing more unpleasant during a massage than the skin being pulled. So make sure you use the right massage products. If you want to integrate sex toys into your massage later, or the condom is already ready, so that you can get down to business at any time, a classic lubricant is recommended. Here there are also various varieties that are extra for massages. Otherwise, you can also take a massage gel, or, if you want to do something especially good for the skin, fall back on the use of a natural oil.
  • If the desire is so great that you can't wait to try out all the sex positions of the Kama Sutra together, then you've done everything right. Before that, however, think of a suitable base, e.g. a large towel or a blanket, or have a condom handy. A condom is especially recommended if you enjoy the sensual massage not with your partner, but with strangers together.

So you see, no matter whether it's Ordinary, Yoni or Lingam massage, all of them have the essential points in common. Prepare a pleasant atmosphere, think about what you want to have ready when it gets more intimate (towel, sex toys, condom or massage candles) and then you can start pampering each other!

Conclusion - Drive your partner crazy with an erotic massage

In this article, we'll show you how your sex can be elevated to a new level with an erotic massage. You can use the erotic massage as foreplay, but equally indulge yourself until the happy ending.

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