What is "Turkish"?


Turkish sex is understood as bust sex, or titty fuck. Sometimes Turkish is also referred to as Spanish. The following expressions can occur: - Bust sex: The penis is stimulated between a woman's breasts. - Tit fuck: The breasts are used to stimulate the penis. - Oil massage with breasts: The breasts are rubbed with oil and used for a full body massage.

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The term "Turkish" explained

"Turkish sex practice," also known as "tit-fucking" or "bosom sex," refers to a sexual activity in which the man rubs or penetrates his erect penis between the woman's breasts (bosoms).

Here are some points that may typically occur during Turkish sex practice:

Preparation: both partners should agree and be willing to try this practice. It is important to communicate about sexual preferences and boundaries and make sure both partners feel comfortable and safe.

Position: the woman usually lies on her back, and the man lies or kneels over her while placing his penis between her breasts.

Stimulation: the man may move his penis back and forth between the woman's breasts to create sexual pleasure and arousal. Some people find this stimulation arousing and satisfying.

Lubricant: Using lubricant can reduce friction and make the experience more pleasurable. It is important to use a water-based lubricant, as oil-based lubricants can compromise the safety of condoms.

Safer Sex: It is advisable to follow safer sex practices to minimize the risk of sexually transmitted infections. Although the risk may be lower with Spanish sex than with some other sexual activities, disease transmission can still occur if bodily fluids are involved.

It is important to emphasize that sexual practices should always be based on mutual consent and respect. Everyone has the right to have their own sexual preferences and boundaries, and it is important to respect these and communicate openly about sexual desires and aversions.

Spanish sex practice can serve as part of foreplay or intimate activities and be experienced by couples as a pleasurable addition to their sexual repertoire. Ultimately, communication is the key to a positive and satisfying sexual experience.

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