What is "Norwegian"?


Norwegian stands for a Scandinavian sex practice. It can be described as follows:
Snowball system: exchange of ejaculate between the mouth and mouth of the partner.
Northern Lights: body painting with fluorescent colors for an exciting visual experience.

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The term "Norwegian" explained

The term "Norwegian" is often used in the context of sexual practices, especially in the area of pornography or sexual fantasies. However, it is important to note that there is no standard or universally accepted definition for this specific sexual practice, as it is a colloquial term.

Generally, "Norwegian" refers to a type of sexual act in which one or more persons engage in sexual acts that may be related to Norway or Norwegian culture. Often, this involves imaginative or exotic scenarios explored in sexual role-playing or fetishes.

However, the term "Norwegian" also includes the sex practice of snowballing: exchanging ejaculate between the partner's mouth and mouth, as well as the sex practice of Northern Lights: painting the body with fluorescent colors for an exciting visual experience.

When exchanging ejaculate orally, it is important to emphasize that this is an intimate act that requires mutual consent and respect. The sexual health and well-being of both partners or partners should be paramount.

For some people, this sexual practice can be arousing and pleasurable, while others may not prefer it. Everyone has individual preferences and boundaries, and it is important to respect these and communicate openly about sexual desires and dislikes.

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