What is "Facesitting"?


Facesitting is a practice where a horny person sits on his or her partner's face for fucking lustful stimulation. In this depraved position, the dominant sow can place her arousing cunt or tantalizing ass right over the other person's greedy mouth and seduce him into intense licking, sucking and inhaling fucking horny juices. The result is a perverse power play dynamic where pleasure and submission merge at the highest level. Facesitting offers the ultimate pleasure for those who crave sensual domination, kinky oral pleasure and a fucking wet face.

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The term "Facesitting" explained

Facesitting is a sexual practice that refers to a specific type of physical contact and intimate stimulation. In this practice, a person sits on his or her partner's face, with the recipient's face touching the other person's genitals or buttocks. Often, facesitting is used as a form of sexual foreplay or as a way to achieve sexual gratification.

Facesitting can be practiced in a variety of positions. The dominant person may sit facing forward or backward on the partner's face while the partner lies or kneels on his or her back. It is a practice often used in the context of BDSM play or dominance and submission scenarios, as there can be a power dynamic and control involved.

For some people, facesitting can be an extremely arousing experience, as stimulation of the genitals and anus is provided by the touch and pressure of the partner's face. It can also be a form of erotic bondage and power-taking, as the person sitting is in control of the type and intensity of stimulation.

As with any sexual practice, it is critical that facesitting be done on the basis of consensual consent and with mutual respect. All parties involved should feel comfortable and safe, and communication about desires, boundaries, and preferences is essential. Safety and hygiene should also be considered, as facesitting involves physical contact with intimate areas.

It is important to emphasize that not everyone finds facesitting pleasurable or arousing, and that is perfectly fine. Sexual preferences vary from person to person, and it is important to respect your partner's needs and boundaries.

In conclusion, facesitting is a sexual practice in which a person sits on his or her partner's face for intimate stimulation. It can be an arousing experience often used in conjunction with BDSM or dominance submission play. Consensual consent, respect, and communication are critical to making this practice safe and satisfying. Everyone should explore and respect their own sexual preferences while being mindful of their partner's desires and boundaries.

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