What is "CEI"?


CEI stands for Cum Eating Instruction and refers to a type of erotic or sexual practice where a person is instructed to swallow their own cum. This can be part of BDSM play, fetish fantasies or role play and requires clear consent and communication about individual boundaries and preferences.

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The term "CEI" explained

"CEI" in sexual practices stands for "Cum Eating Instruction", which translates to "instruction to swallow cum". It is a sexual preference or fetish in which a person receives instructions or guidance to swallow their own ejaculate.

CEI is often practiced as part of BDSM or dominance and submission play, where one person takes the dominant role and gives the instructions, while the other person takes the submissive role and follows the instructions. It may occur as part of role play or as a specific activity within a larger sexual encounter.

In a typical CEI scene, the dominant partner may give the submissive partner detailed instructions on how to ingest and swallow the semen after ejaculation. This may involve, for example, verbal instructions, visual cues, or even specific positions or actions.

It is important to emphasize that CEI should be a consensual practice in which all parties communicate and adhere to their boundaries and preferences. As with all sexual practices, the consent of all involved should always be paramount. Not everyone has the interest or desire to practice CEI, and that is perfectly fine. Everyone has the right to have their own sexual preferences and set their own boundaries.

It is also important to note that the practice of sperm swallowing does not affect a person's health or physical condition as long as there are no sexually transmitted infections. If there are health or hygiene concerns, it is advisable to take appropriate precautions, such as using condoms or other protective measures.

Overall, CEI is a sexual practice in which a person is instructed to swallow his or her own ejaculate. It is often practiced in a BDSM context or as part of dominance and submission play. Consensuality, communication, and respecting individual boundaries are paramount in any sexual practice. Everyone has the right to exercise or reject their own preferences as long as all parties agree and feel comfortable.

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