What is "AV"?


AV stands for anal intercourse and refers to sexual activity in which the penis penetrates the anus. It is a specific form of intercourse and requires additional preparation, communication, and possibly lubrication for a pleasurable and safe experience.

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The term "AV" explained

"AV" is an abbreviation for "anal intercourse" and refers to a sexual practice that involves penetration of the anus. This may involve insertion of a finger, a sex toy, or the penis. Anal sex is a form of sexual intercourse that can be practiced by both heterosexual and homosexual couples.

It is important to note that anal intercourse should be consensual and based on mutual consent. Both partners should feel comfortable and willing to perform this practice. Open communication about preferences, concerns and boundaries is critical to ensure a pleasurable and safe experience.

When engaging in anal intercourse, good preparation and adequate stimulation are important to avoid discomfort or injury. The use of water-based lubricant is advisable to reduce friction and facilitate penetration. Gentle and careful handling is critical to ensure the comfort and well-being of both partners.

It is important to note that the anus does not produce natural lubrication compared to the vagina. Therefore, the use of lubricant is especially important to avoid pain or injury. A slow and gradual approach to getting the anus used to penetration can also be helpful.

In terms of health, it is important to note that anal intercourse can put you at increased risk for injury and transmission of sexually transmitted infections (STIs). Micro-injuries to the anus can facilitate the entry of pathogens. Therefore, it is recommended that condoms or other forms of protection be used to reduce the risk of STIs.

Regular medical examinations and testing for STIs are important to protect one's own health and that of one's partner. Open communication about sexual health and test results can help reduce the risk of infection.

It is important that both partners take care of their physical and emotional health during anal sex. Open communication, trust and mutual consent are key factors for a positive and fulfilling sexual experience.

In conclusion, it should be emphasized that anal intercourse is a personal preference and not everyone finds it pleasurable or desirable. Everyone has the right to have their own sexual preferences and boundaries, and it is important to respect them.

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